Sons of Norway
Ulseth Lodge 5-670

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Our Lodge headquarters will be in
the Norwegian Lutheran Church when it is restored. The Church is located at 608 Elm Street, Calumet, Michigan, one block west of the Calumet Theatre, and within the boundaries of Keweenaw National Historical Park. 
We meet approximately once a month at various locations in the Copper Country.
Members and interested persons are welcome to attend.
Check the Ulseth Lodge Kalender for our next meeting/event!

Please Join Us!

To become a member, please print, fill out, and mail this membership form
(a pdf file Membership Form from the SON webpage)
Susan Rokicki
608 Elm Street
Calumet, Michigan 49913

Membership Form URL: 

Be sure to include the Lodge number 5-670 on your Application Form!

Our 2012 and 2013 elected Officers and Program Appointees are:
President - Ralph Lund,
VP - Wayne Stordahl,
Secretary and Hospitality - Eileen Stordahl,
Treasurer - Gregory Odegard,
Music - Robin ye
Cultural Director - Nancy Imm
Programs - All of Us!
Membership - Shirley Lamppa
Audit Comm - Bryan Milde and Ronda Bogan
Webmaster and Publicity - Connie Julien,
Adopt a School Program Rep: Ardys Maki
Sports & Recreation Directors: Nancy Imm and Ronda Bogan
Youth Director: need a volunteer!
Trustees: Maggie Vanek, Ronda Bogan, Karen Johnson.
Foundation Director: Lois Blau


Ralph Lund


Wayne Stordahl
Vice President,

Eileen Stordahl
Secretary & Hospitality


Gregory Odegard



Robin ye


Cultural Director - Nancy Imm


Shirley Lamppa


Connie Julien
Webmaster & Publicity


Ronda Bogan
Audit Comm

Bryan Milde
Audit Comm

Lois Blau
Foundation Director


Adopt a School Program Coordinator
Ardys Maki

pic needed here!


Youth Coordinator




Sports & Recreation Directors
Nancy Imm and Ronda Bogan

Ronda Bogan


Karen Johnson

Maggie Vanek


Save Your Used Stamps!



Bring all your used stamps to the next Sons of Norway meeting and we will send them to the Norwegian Charity, TUBFRIM.

TUBFRIM is a Norwegian humanitarian organization owned by the Norwegian Health Service.  Used postage stamps from anywhere in the world are collected, packaged and resold to wholesalers and philatelists world wide.  The profits earned from these activities are used to provide care and aid to handicapped children.

When Tubfrim was founded in 1928, the objective was to help finance research into tuberculosis and to aid children inflicted by the disease.  As this particular disease has almost been eradicated, the objective has been modified, and today the profits provide financial aid for the Society for Health and Development of Retarded Children and Youth.

Launched more than 70 years ago, Tubfrim has helped thousands of disabled children by selling cancelled postage stamps to collectors and dealers, and donating the profits to the Norwegian Health Association

Just cut or tear the stamps off the envelopes, leaving a slight margin (approx. 1/2 inch) to keep the perforation intact. Damaged stamps (damaged perforation, edges etc.) are worthless and are to be thrown away. (Damaged phonecards are also to be thrown away.)

TUBGRIM also is happy to receive stamp collections, old envelopes, covers and postcards. If envelopes, postcards etc. are more than 40-50 years old, then please do not cut off the stamp, but save the whole envelope/postcard!

Your used stamps and phonecards will be sent to:

Call (906) 337-3731 for further information about the Ulseth Lodge or email webmaster


Ulseth Lodge Sons of Norway, NLC
608 Elm Street
Calumet, Michigan 49913
(906) 337-3731 for further information or email webmaster

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